Coilcraft Intros Wirewound Chip in 0402 Body Size

Coilcraft (Cary, IL) is offering their wirewound chip in an 0402 body size. These parts measure just .047 x .025 x 0.24 high. Twenty one part numbers cover the inductance range from 1 to 40nH with available tolerances of plus or minus 5-10 percent. Coilcraft claims the performance of Coilcraft's wirewound 0402 inductor significantly surpasses that of non-wirewound alternatives. A 2.2 nH Coilcraft part has a Q factor of 100 at 1.8 GHz. Because of their low dc resistance, Coilcraft chips can handle 200-to-300 percent more current than non-wirewound 0402 inductors.

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