Coilcraft Intros LPT3305 Power Wafer Magnetics Series

Coilcraft has introduced the first of its new line of Power Wafer magnetics. These ultra-thin, high-performance power inductors are designed for handheld electronic devices, Type 1 PC Cards, disc drives, and other low-profile power applications. The new LPT3305 Series is a toroidal inductor in a ceramic case 1.8mm high. The device's footprint is 0.35" x 0.40" (8.9 x 10.2 mm), which takes up 25 percent less board space than competitive low-profile inductors. With its toroidal construction, stray EMI is kept to a minimum, according to Coilcraft. The LPT3305 Series is available in 11 inductance values: from 1 to 47uH. Saturation current ratings range up to 6A, with rms current ratings up to 1.6A. Pricing for the LPT3305 Series ranges between $0.50 and $0.93 each in quantities of 10,000.

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