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Clare Intros Seven New CPC Series MOSFET Devices

Clare Inc. (Beverly, MA), an IXYS Corp. company, announced seven N-channel, depletion-mode, MOSFET devices, which feature breakdown voltages between 250 V and 400 V, on resistance as low as 4 ohms (maximum) and IDSS currents up to 300 mA. The MOSFETS are available in space-saving SOT-89 and SOT-223 transistor packages.

The MOSFETs are optimized for low-cost, pre-regulator applications that must be tolerant of wide voltage drops and power dissipation between the power source and the output regulator stage. The pre-regulator is most effective as an inexpensive solution for filtering ac line voltage variations in non-isolated dc power supplies as compared to switch-mode power supplies or step-down transformers.

The CPC3703C device (250 V, 300 mA) features a low 4 ohm resistance offering a higher efficiency. The SOT-89 package measures 0.09 in x 0.180 in and saves considerable board space for small module, portable product and automotive ignition applications. The CPC5603C device offers a 405 V MOSFFET breakdown for higher voltage applications. The device is tailored for telecom and 230 Vac mains applications.

The MOSFET devices are available in sample and production quantities. In OEM quantities of 10,000 units, the CPC3703C is priced at $0.32, with a standard lead time of eight weeks ARO.

IXYS Corp. , Clare Inc.
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