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ChipMD Offers New DesignMD IC Software

ChipMD Inc. (Cupertino, CA), a new electronic design automation company in the new design-for-yield space, announced that its first software product, DesignMD™, is shipping. DesignMD solves the IC industry problem of how to improve low yield. DesignMD includes Deterministic Yield Optimization™ technology to improve parametric yield and performance at the pre-layout design stage (or transistor-level) using IC process data for nanometer processes.

DesignMD improves the yield and performance of analog, mixed-signal circuits and memories. Yield improvements during the design phase can add tens of millions of dollars to a company's profits. DesignMD users have reported an up to 20% increase in yield and a 50% increase in circuit performance. The Deterministic Yield Optimization technology used by DesignMD is already in production use by system and circuit designers in the communications, computers, automotive and consumer electronics markets. DesignMD uses standard SPICE circuit simulator netlists as the input, and outputs the same netlist with optimized design device sizing. Users can select from several analysis options, including yield optimization, sensitivity analysis, and extended Monte Carlo analysis.

DesignMD is shipping now. The price for a minimum configuration starts at $50,000 for a time-based license.

ChipMD Inc.
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