Central Semi Unveils CMOSH-4E ULTRAmini Diode

Central Semiconductor Corp. (Hauppauge, NY) announced the introduction of the CMOSH-4E enhanced ULTRAmini™ surface-mount Schottky diode, which features an improved standard, maximum rated, peak repetitive, reverse voltage of 40V instead of 30V, and maximum rated, continuous forward current of 200mA instead of 100mA. In addition, the maximum forward voltage drop has been reduced to 0.42V from 0.45V.

This next generation of smaller, enhanced discrete semiconductors has been designed for portable, hand-held electronic devices requiring superior performance and reliability in the smallest possible package. The CMOSH-4E in the SOD-523 package requires 55% less circuit board space than a SOD-323 and 78% less space than a SOD-123. The CMOSH-4E also has a maximum profile of 0.8mm and is SUBONE™ certified with a profile of less than 1mm.

The device is available in bulk pack or 3,000-piece quantities on 7in tape and reel. Pricing starts at $0.14 each for 3,000 pieces. on a 7in reel. Sample devices are available upon request.

Central Semiconductor Corp.
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