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Capstone Enters Sales Agreement with TurboGenix to Address Electrical Efficiency

Capstone Turbine Corp. announced the signing of a new exclusive sales agreement with TurboGenix, Inc., engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing, assembling, selling, installing and servicing waste heat power recovery generators utilizing Organic Rankine Cycle ("ORC") systems.

Headquartered in Brooksville, Florida, the TurboGenix product is capable of recovering heat from a variety of sources to produce usable electric power. Major market segments for the TurboGenix ORC systems include exhaust heat recovery from power generation systems at landfill gas plants, biogas plants, wastewater treatment plants, and distributed generation combined heat and power plants.

The agreement provides Capstone the exclusive right to sell combined microturbine/ORC systems for applications less than 300kW worldwide. It is claimed that a single TurboGenix ORC combined with four C65 Capstone MicroTurbine systems has the potential of boosting electric output from 260kW to 380kW and electric efficiency from 30% to approximately 44%. These electric efficiencies are said to compare favorably with reciprocating engines of similar size. It is claimed that fuel cell systems are able to boast similar electric efficiency levels, but at nearly twice the price of a combined Capstone/TurboGenix system.

"Customers for whom electrical output is a premium, including our European customers with kWh based biogas incentives, can now take advantage of more kWh with higher electric efficiency with no additional emissions", stated Jim Crouse, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

"Signing this agreement with TurboGenix opens up new sales opportunities for Capstone. We will be promoting the marketing and sales of systems comprised of Capstone MicroTurbines and the TurboGenix ORC products to new and existing customers of Capstone", said Darren Jamison, President and CEO of Capstone Turbine.

"We believe that Capstone Turbine has been a recognized leader in microturbine technology for many years as well as a designer and manufacturer of proven and reliable equipment. We pride ourselves on developing strong business relationships with many of the principals in our target markets. We are looking forward to a successful long-term relationship between our two companies", said Robert Miller, President and CEO of TurboGenix.

TurboGenix Inc. , Capstone Turbine Corp.
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