Caddock Intros SR20 Precision Current Sense Resistor

Caddock Electronics Inc. (Roseburg, OR) announced its new SR20 Precision Current Sense Resistor. The SR20 is a low-cost, 1 percent tolerance, precision current sensor resistor with Kelvin(four terminal) connections. The device is rated at 2W continuous operation at 70 degrees C ambient temperature with very stable load life performance. The heavy copper terminals are claimed to help to maintain stable and cool operation at continuous currents up to 15.8A with surge capability in excess of 600A for short transient conditions. The SR20's low inductance of approximately 5nH makes it an ideal choice for high-speed current-sensing applications such as motor controllers and switching power supplies, according to Caddock. The SR20 is available in standard resistance values for 0.008 Ohm plus or minus 1 per cent to 1.00 Ohm plus or minus one percent.

Caddock Electronics Inc.
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