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Cabling System Meets 100-Watt Standard for PoE

Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies today announced that its CX6850 Cat 6A Premium+ UTP System was successfully tested to deliver 100-Watt Power over Ethernet (PoE), enabling the transmission of power and data to a wider range of remote devices. The ability to deliver 100 Watts supports emerging PoE standards, such as the draft IEEE 802.3bt (type 4) PoE standard scheduled for ratification in 2017.

“Next-generation powered devices, such as wireless access points and large-display HDTVs, will require greater bandwidth than Gigabit Ethernet and more delivered power, so designers need to build networks with these future needs in mind,” said Dean Lipke, Senior Director of Product Management, Copper, Power, Connected Home, at Leviton. “The CX6850 Cat 6A Premium+ UTP System has undergone rigorous lab testing by Berk-Tek and Leviton, and the system demonstrates the ability to meet the need for higher bandwidth and power, while limiting the temperature rise in large cable bundles and remaining within the cable’s listed rating.”

The CX6850 system includes Berk-Tek LANmark-XTP cable, Leviton Atlas-X1 component-rated connectors and patch cords and Leviton component-rated 110-style patch panels. Along with the ability to support power at 100 Watts, LANmark-XTP cable includes innovative noise-canceling XTP technology for superior alien crosstalk (AXT) suppression.

“Using a CX6850 system for PoE delivery provides significant benefits over Cat 6 or 5e,” said Brian Simmons, Copper Product Manager at Berk-Tek. “LANmark-XTP cables provide better heat dissipation, and are listed to 75 degrees Celsius, which allows the cables to be installed in larger bundles than with lower-grade cables, saving pathway space and avoiding channel length de-rating due to insertion loss. This in turn enables longer cable runs.”

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