Cableco Offers NutLok/StudLok Captive Hardware

Cableco Technologies Corp. (Dublin, CA), a manufacturer of cable, interconnection and custom engineered products designed for high-current power distribution solutions, announced its new NutLok™ and StudLok™ captive hardware designed to be permanently fastened to FusionLug™ cable terminations or bus bars, so that it never falls off during assembly or field servicing.

NutLok and StudLok are permanently fastened to a FusionLug cable termination or a bus bar, and are designed to be used instead of loose nuts, screws and washers that could fall during assembly or field service. Both products eliminate the problems caused by falling loose parts that have to be retrieved from the bottom of the system cabinet, such as time delays at the production line and during field service, as well as the potential hazards for service field engineers. Belleville washers are used for a tight lock, resulting in an anti-rotation effect, and better electrical contact at the high-current cable or bus bar termination point.

The internal-threaded NutLok, and the external-threaded StudLok come in various sizes with standard and metric threads. Pricing depends on thread size and quantity, starting at $0.80 per piece for high-production volumes. Both products are in production, and samples are available now. Typical lead times for production volumes is four to six weeks.

Cableco Technologies Corp.
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