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BZA 130 21 bulk power system

Ericsson Energy Systems (Sweden) recently introduced the BZA 130 21 bulk power system. The system is designed to power any type of communications equipment requiring -48Vdc, including telecom switching systems and transmission equipment. The system is designed to power any large -48V application and provides high current power for loads up to 10,000A. The seven 150A rectifiers can be housed in one cabinet, with two 480Vac input feeders required per rectifier cabinet. Rectifiers are plug-n-play and can accommodate a wide variety of distribution types, such as 70-800A fuses or 3-100A circuit brakers, offering up to 12 high current distribution points located within one cabinet. The BZA 130 21 also features fiber optic communications among its units, and the capability for remote monitoring and control.

Ericsson Energy Systems
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