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Brushless DC Outer-Rotor Motors in Frameless Stater-Rotor Sets

The KinetiMax HPD range of outer-rotor brushless dc motors from Allied Motion comes in frameless stator-rotor part sets. Available in six frame sizes and three stack-lengths each, the HPD series enables designers to select an optimum configuration with an exact performance fit.

Typical applications include; autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs), robotics (arms, joints), handheld hydraulic power tools, material handling systems, medical equipment, rotary actuators, gimbals, etc.

These compact kit motors are especially suitable where total motor length is crucial in space-constrained applications. Their large stator ID makes integration of larger ball-bearings possible, and the large clear aperture ID permits cabling to pass through the motor.

The HPD’s excellent high torque-to-weight ratio is essential in applications where weight is critical. And with an efficiency ranging from 83% to 90% in a wide speed-torque range, our KinetiMax HPD frameless motors are well-suited for battery-fed applications, where they help maximize the running time per battery charge.

Their low cogging torque combined with high peak torque improves motor behavior in servo applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Winding selection for other Voltages
  • Rated torque 0.24 to 6.7 Nm
  • High torque-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent efficiency from 83% up to 90% over a wide range around the nominal working point
  • Options & Accessories
    • Hall commutation sensor board
    • Temperature sensor mounted on stator
    • Aluminum mounting ring
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