Bourns Announces New TISP Surge Protector That Meets Enhanced European Test Requirements

Bourns, Inc. announced the availability of its new surge protector that exceeds current protection requirements for modems. Designated the TISP4310T3BJR-S, Bourns collaborated closely with modem manufacturer LSI Corp., formerly Agere Systems, to design a product that meets the more stringent European ITU-T K.21 enhanced standards without damaging the modem chipset. The new TISP® surge protector is based on Bourns’ thyristor overvoltage protection technology.

"Our new TISP surge protector is very significant because it sets a new standard in modem protection," said Koenraad Rutgers, Technical Marketing Manager at Bourns. "This level of protection is an industry first and our collaboration with LSI has resulted in more robust and durable modems."

The TISP4310T3BJR-S is designed to pass the more stringent European ITU-T K.21 tests which call for 600V rms, 600Ω, 1A test for 1 second increased from 0.2 seconds duration for the basic requirement which introduces significant increased heating. This new surge protector for modems has reduced the protection voltage from 350 to 310V to ensure that the heating effect of the 1 second test does not push the voltage over 350V where the modem could fail. The narrow protection window of 269V VDRM to 310V V(BO) is described as the tightest in the industry and as setting a new modem protection standard. This new modem design is approved by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and prototype samples are available.

Bourns’ TISP4310T3BJR-S surge protector is available now. As a pricing reference, the TISP4310T3BJR-S is offered in the price range of $0.15 to $0.12 for 20,000 to 50,000 unit quantities.

Bourns Inc.
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