BI Technologies Develops HM66 Series Inductors

BI Technologies (Fullerton, CA), a subsidiary of TT electronics plc (Patterson, NJ), recently developed a series of miniature shielded inductors, which provide protection against emissions on densely populated boards while offering board mounted profiles from 1.8 mm to 4 mm. Designated the HM66 Series, the surface-mount inductors provide a low-profile device rated for up to 10 A continuous current.

The HM66 Series inductors are suited for use in wireless applications, PDAs, PCMCIA cards, disk drives and general-use applications. The HM66 Series feature inductance ratings from 1 mH to 330 mH at up to 10 A continuous. Offering a Class B insulation system, the inductors operate at temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +125 °C. The HM66 Series also offers dc resistance ratings from 0.0081 W to 1.540 W. Footprints for the inductors range from 0.1542 in to 0.3942 in, and are packaged in tape and reel.

Typical pricing for the HM66 Series is $0.25 in quantities of 25,000, with lead times from stock to 10 weeks.

BI Technologies , TT electronics plc
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