Beta Dyne Announces New EMI Filter With 15 To 100V Range

Beta Dyne Inc. announced its PFL4000 Emi filter with a wide range (15 to 100V) that can accommodate many dc-dc converters as well automotive, avionics, telecom and ground systems applications.

The PFL4000 is designed to meet filter requirements of conducted emissions per MIL-STD-461E for 5 to 100W dc-dc converters. The company claims that its high efficiency (99.5%), MTBF of 47.6 million hours, six-sided shielding and thermally conductive epoxy packaged in a 1 x 2 x .5" metal case makes the PFL4000 suitable for high reliability designs.

Units are available in 4-6 weeks ARO. Pricing for the PFL4000 starts at $125.00 each. Discounts are available for larger quantities.