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Best Power Intros Patriot Pro II Family

Best Power (Necedah, WI) recently introduced a new UPS line, Patriot Pro II, which offers ranges from 400VA to 1000VA. According to Best Power, the new line offers more upgrades on the previous model, the Patriot Pro, without any increase in cost. Some of the features added from more advanced units are user-adjustable voltage settings, increased LED and alarm functions, and temperature compensated battery charger technology. According to Best Power, the Patriot Pro II also has the Best Select buck and boost setting, which allows users to customize maximum and minimum voltage settings, as well as nominal voltages. Integrated front panel LEDs and audible alarms keep users well-informed of the current power environment, UPS load, remaining battery charge and other functions. When utility power is available, LED's will indicate the connect load level. When utility power fails, the LED mode changes and will indicate how much battery capacity remains. Other standard features include hot swappable batteries, cold-start capability without utility power, and PowerSteady voltage regulation for riding out under-and-overvoltages without draining the battery. The Check UPS II suite advanced power management software is included with all models and supports most major operating systems including DOS, Windows v3.1x, 95, 98,windows NT, OS/2, Novell/Windows v3.1x, Novell/DOS and many versions of UNIX.

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