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Best Power (Necedah, WI) introduced a new UPS called the Fortress.TeleCom, designed to provide pure sine-wave power protection against spikes, sags, surges, noise, lightning and power outages in the telecom industry. Available in 750VA, 1050VA, 1425VA and 2250VA models, the UPS comes with brackets and hardware for both wall mounting and rack mounting. According to Best Power, the Fortress.TeleCom features an enhanced recharge response, which shortens the recharge time for the unit's batteries and minimizes the time that critical applications would be down following an extended power outage. The unit's BestSelect user-selectable buck and boost settings allows users to customize maximum and minimum voltage settings, as well as nominal voltages. Built-in transient voltage surge suppression protects phone or network connections. The Fortress unit also comes with the BestDock communications slot, which is claimed to provide system administrators a variety of connectivity options. Among the options is the BestLink SNMP/WEB adapter, which is designed to allow for easy monitoring, management, and graceful shutdown of key switches, routers, hubs and modems using a standard web browser.

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