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Bekaert ECD Solar Systems Announces Introduction of Field-Applied Flexible Roofing Laminate

Bekaert ECD Solar Systems LLC (Troy, MI) a joint venture of United Solar Systems Corp., has announced the introduction of the Field-Applied Flexible Roofing Laminate, a new UNI-SOLAR product. The Field-Applied Flexible Roofing Laminate is a solar-electric roofing installation process that utilizes the same unique Triple-Junction Technology found in all Bekaert ECD Solar Systems products; originally developed by United Solar and Energy Conversion Devices Inc.

The UNI-SOLAR proprietary solar-electric laminate has been factory-bonded to a metal roof pan. The special factory-installed, rubberized, asphalt-bonding agent on the back of the laminate allows the bonding to be done in the field. The laminate is designed to be bonded to a 16" wide, flat Galvalume metal roof pan. A rugged, weatherproof junction box can be field-applied on the top of the finished product. The field application of this product increases the uses for solar roofing, with an easy installation process.

This laminate will be provided in a roll-shippable form, which decreases the shipping costs dramatically over other solar-electric modules used in roofing applications. Solar-electric roofing laminates are appropriate for a number of applications, from single-module solar home systems to large village hybrids, or grid-connected installations. 64W and 128W laminates are available and are UL pending. The solar-electric laminates offer significant advantages over conventional solar panels in providing more energy per rated watt under normal outdoor conditions. They are also flexible and lightweight.

Bekaert ECD Solar Systems LLC , United Solar Systems Corp.
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