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Battery Charger Provides the Safest and Fastest Possible Charge for Mobile Equipment

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. is now sampling the MAX77301 Li+ battery charger. It integrates the intelligence to communicate with the host device, automatically identify the adapter type, and then determine the fastest rate to charge a battery. With advanced temperature monitoring, the MAX77301 modulates the charge current and battery regulation voltage automatically to maximize safety in any temperature environment. It performs all of these functions without an external CPU or system hardware. The MAX77301 is designed for mobile equipment, such as cameras, Bluetooth® headsets, MP3 players, and portable medical devices.

To enhance battery safety, battery makers often recommend charging “gently” in cold or hot ambient temperatures. This often necessitates use of a microcontroller to monitor and control the charger. The MAX77301 solves this charging problem by automatically setting charge parameters at a safe level. The device also provides full programmability via the I2C interface, increasing flexibility. Furthermore, it integrates an enumeration and adapter detection engine to maximize charge current. This safety feature and the adapter detection ensure the fastest and safest possible charging.

“With its integrated intelligence, the MAX77301 is a perfect fit for devices that do not have application processors but need to charge quickly. This includes cameras, Bluetooth headsets, and medical devices,” said Sam Toba, Director of Mobility Business Management at Maxim Integrated.

Key advantages claimed for the new charger IC include: Maximizes charge current by automatically detecting charge source and seting the highest allowable charge current. The Smart Power Selector technology allows a portable device to operate with a discharged battery or no battery. It is highly-flexible and includes a fully programmable I2C interface and can charge from a USB port. It is easy to implement; no extra software required for charger detection or USB interaction.

Available in a 25-bump, 2.44mm x 2.44 wafer-level package (WLP), pricing for the MAX77301starts at $2.22 (1000-up, FOB USA).

Maxim Integrated Products Inc.
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