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Axiomatic Technologies Releases IP67 DC/DC Converter

Axiomatic Technologies Corp. (Canada) announced the release of a 48/12V dc/dc converter, the IP67. The converter is designed to provide 12Vdc power suitable for 12V solenoids, relays and other electrical system. The device is fully sealed and potted in an enclosure to protect against moisture, shock and vibration. Power from a battery or other source from 35 to 65Vdc is converted to a 12Vdc output regulated to 0.5 percent.

The IP67 has current-output capability of 15A nominal, with a 20A peak. The device manages heat dissipation and requires no forced cooling systems. Short circuit and reverse polarity protection are provided. The unit is designed with rugged surge and transient suppression, in addition to sustained over-/under-voltage protection. With a nameplate rating of 180VA of output power, the IP67 converter features dual-phase topology for an efficiency of 93 percent.

Axiomatic Technologies Corp.
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