AVX Expands FD Capacitor Range with New FDV1/FDBB

AVX Corp. (Myrtle Beach, SC), a manufacturer of passive components, has enhanced its FD Series capacitor range to provide a specific energy over 1,000 J/L and to reach 1,350 J/L with 2,500 V. Enhanced electrical performance was developed to specifically to meet the needs of the medical, military and industrial markets.

The FDV1 is available in a wrapped package and is used mainly in military and industrial markets. The FDBB is available in a cylindrical plastic case presentation and is specifically designed for medical applications. The FD capacitor also supplies a voltage of up to 3 kV on catalog products, and can provide up to 5 kV on request.

Pricing for the FD Series ranges from $20 and $100, depending on volume and specifications, with a lead time of 10 weeks.

AVX Corp.
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