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austriamicrosystems’ New 20V Step-Down DC-DC Regulator Offers Up To 96% Efficiency

austriamicrosystems announced that it has expanded its dc-dc converter portfolio with the AS1341, a hysteretic high efficiency 20V step-down regulator in a small 3 x 3mm TDFN 8-pin package, well suited to increase battery life in applications like notebooks and handheld systems.

The AS1341 dc-dc regulator delivers 600mA at 5.0V from a 12V input and can provide adjustable output voltages in the range of 1.25V to VIN or fixed 5V. The device operates from an input voltage of between 4.5 and 20V and offers a high efficiency rate of up to 96%. Additionally, an integrated 100% duty-cycle mode improves efficiency in low dropout conditions.

"Especially in applications where the main power supply is at levels of 12V or higher dc-dc converters such as the AS1341 are strongly recommended to generate low supply voltages down to 1.25V," said Walter Moshammer, Marketing Director Standard Linear at austriamicrosystems. "Due to the AS1341’s high efficiency rate of up to 96%, heat dissipation is extremely low, when compared to linear regulators, which means no expensive cooling plates or fans are required. The high efficiency rate provided by AS1341 also helps portable devices to extend the time between battery replacement or recharge cycles."

The AS1341 dc-dc converter allows the use of tiny low profile inductors and small capacitors. Its built-in current limit function can be set to 0.7 or 1.4A switching current for optimizing the converter to the used inductor and load. The AS1341’s low quiescent current of 12µA improves light load efficiency and conserves battery life. During shutdown the current draw is reduced to only 0.8µA.

The AS1341 dc-dc converter is available now in a 3 x 3mm TDFN 8-pin package and is specified for the industrial temperature range of -40 to +85°C.

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