Batteries and Portable Power

ASE Americas Intros Solar Power Companion 2000

ASE Americas (Billerica, MA) has introduced a new solar power generator for emergency, remote and recreational uses. The Solar Power Companion 2000 (SPC 2000) combines a high-efficiency battery and a solar module that converts sunlight directly to electricity. The power generated from the SPC 2000 is available as 12Vdc directly from the battery, or 110Vac through an inverter. The unit integrates semi-pneumatic wheels to facilitate easy hand transport. ASE claims that the SPC 2000's PV generator can provide up to 200Wh/day to the 102Ah sealed battery, and offers from 700-1000Wh of energy from a full charge, depending on the load it is powering. The battery can also be charged from the electric outlet rectifier that comes with each unit. The unit also comes with a 300W modified square wave inverter. The SPC2000 is priced at $1380, which is comparable to a gasoline generator.

ASE Americas Inc.
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