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Artesyn Technologies Introduces New CVR375 AC/DC Power Supply

Artesyn Technologies Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) has introduced the CVR375, a 365W, high-current, dual-output ac/dc power supply and the accompanying CVS750 power shelf. Designed specifically for disc-storage applications, the warm-swappable CVR375 sets a new powering standard for this fast-growing computing and communications market segment.

The CVR375 can be used as a stand-alone power solution, or integrated into a higher power N+1 redundant system. Specific applications include redundant array of independent disc storage, storage area network systems, SCSI-based disc array systems and other distributed-power applications.

The CVR375 provides two, high-current +5Vdc (20A) and +12Vdc (22A) outputs with a peak current capability of 28A for the 12V output. All modules accept universal input power (90Vac to 264Vac) and employ an active PFC mechanism to comply with EN61000-3-2 requirements. The CVR375 also meets FCC, Part 15, Class B and CISPR 22, Class B EMI limits when installed in a system chassis.

The CVR375 comes in a 4.9" x 9.0" x 3.6" package that is compatible with most rack-mount power systems. With the 5.25-inch (3U) high CVS750 power shelf, the modules can be configured to form an off-the-shelf, redundant, warm-swappable power system that houses two CVR375 modules and fits into standard 19" or 23" cabinets.

The CVR375 is available in quantities of 500 with a unit price of $173. The CVS750 power shelf is available in quantities of 250 with a unit price of $40. Both products require 10-week lead times.

Artesyn Technologies Inc.
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