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Artesyn Launches RFB300/350 Series Half-Brick Converters

Artesyn Technologies Inc. (Boca Raton, FL), a leader in power conversion solutions for the communications, launched a series of high-efficiency, half-brick, isolated dc-dc converters that provide high levels of usable power. The new RFB300/350 Series of converters includes models capable of delivering up to 350 W continuously and without derating, across a wide baseplate temperature range of -40 °C to +100 °C. Designed to generate a nominal 12 Vdc or 28 Vdc isolated output, the converters are intended for high-performance radio frequency power amplifiers and cellular communication systems.

The RFB300/350 Series comprises four models; one with a 24 V nominal (18 V to 36 V) input, and three with 48 V nominal (36 V to 75 V) inputs. The 24 V input model provides an output of 11 A at 28 V (308 W). The three 48 V input models provide outputs of 11 A at 28 V (308 W), 12.5 A at 28 V (350 W), and 29.2 A at 12 V (350 W). Each model comes as standard with a trim function allowing output-voltage ranges of 16.8 V to 29.4 V (28 V) and 7.2 V to 13.2 V (12 V).

The RFB300/350 Series have an industry-standard 2.27 in x 2.39 in (57.7 mm x 60.7 mm) half-brick form factor, and offer a choice of 0.5 in or 0.4 in (12.7 mm or 10.6 mm) profiles to suit the available above-board space. The 0.4 in low-profile version of the 350 W converter has a high power density, in excess of 160 W/in³ (9.4 W/cm³). The RFB300/350 Series maintains line and load regulation to ±0.15% and ±0.2%, respectively.

Sample quantities of Artesyn's RFB300/350 Series half-brick converters are available now. In OEM quantities of 1,000, unit prices range from $82.50 for the 308 W, 24 V input model, to $90.75 for the 350 W, wide-input model. Standard lead time on all models is stock to 12 weeks.

Artesyn Technologies Inc.
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