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Apex Adds to DHC2800 Hi-Rel Converter Series – DHC2812 & DHC2815

Apex Microtechnology Corp. (Tucson, AZ) introduced four new high-reliability converters in single and dual, 12V and 15V models. According to Apex, the 6W devices are available at a comparable per unit cost to 5W power supplies. The company also introduced a high power, 7.5W, 5V model.New additions to Apex's DHC2800 Series, the DHC2812 and DHC2815 power supplies operate from a wide input voltage of 11-50Vdc. Dual output models offer +/-12V and +/-15V. Housed in an industry standard, pin-for-pin compatible package that occupies .35 cubic inches of volume, the power supplies provide power density of 17W per cubic inch. Suitable for either analog or digital systems, the DHC2800 Series is best suited for redundant industrial and commercial applications that inherently require high reliability, according to Apex. The new models feature efficiencies as high as 78 percent, are fault tolerant and fully isolated, and provide full short circuit protection. Output voltage adjustment is standard, and remote shutdown provides on/off capabilities.The 7.5W DHW2805S operates from a 16-40Vdc input (11-50V at 5W) and provides a single 5V output. Isolated to 500V, the DHW2805S features power density of 21W per cubic inch. Standard features include output fault monitoring and/or turn on voltage point programming via the shutdown pin. Housed in 8-pin DIP packaging, all of the new models meet the operating demands of the full military case temperature range -55 to +125 degrees C. The power supplies are manufactured with all ceramic capacitors, surface mount magnetics and a multilayer substrate. The single-output DHC2812 and DHC2815 models are priced at $242.50; the dual-output models are priced at $268.75; and the DHW2805S is priced at $265.50, all in quantities of 100.

Apex Microtechnology Corp.
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