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Antec Intros Total System Power (TSP) Unit

Antec Corp. (Duluth, GA) introduced their new Total System Power (TSP) unit. According to Antec, TSP marks the beginning of a new Energy Link family of power supplies that are designed to provide increased flexibility for network growth. TSP features a dual module design that ensures flexibility in HFC networks. The system can be deployed as a non-standby unit and, as networks grow, can be upgraded to true UPS power by adding an electronics module. TPS is available in flexible 6A, 9A, 12A, 15A, 18A and 22A 60V/75V/90V configurations that allow operators to choose the amperage that suits their system. Additional features include zero transfer time to prevent power glitches and ensure continuous video, voice and data services; heat-tolerant electronics that will extend the life of the power supplies; digitally-controlled 10A-multiphase charger to reduce battery charge time and minimize battery life; three and six battery ground and pole mount exposures; and a complete line of standard ground and pole mount enclosures, as well as custom applications. TSP was designed with several user-friendly features, including connectors that can be accessed from the front. The system's digital display allows operators to monitor and adjust operational parameters with the push of a button. The front access panel reports output voltage, thereby eliminating the process of searching for wires or moving heavy modules, and making it ideal for situations when the unit has been operating for a long period of time.

Antec Corp.
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