Automotive Electronics

Ansoft Releases New SIwave v2 Field Simulator

Ansoft Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA) released its new SIwave™ v2, a full-wave electromagnetic field simulator that analyzes signal-integrity and power-integrity effects in high-performance printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuit (IC) packages.

SIwave’s proprietary full-wave, finite-element technique allows designers to characterize simultaneous switching noise, inter-symbol interference, power and ground bounce, resonances, reflections and coupling between traces, and power/ground planes. Engineers are now able to model entire PCBs and package structures using an analysis engine to generate both frequency-domain and time-domain results.

The SIwave is fully integrated to layout tools such as Cadence Allegro and APD and Synopsys Encore. This integration adds significant value to existing EDA tools by enabling the accurate simulation and design of complex PCBs and IC packages consisting of multiple, arbitrarily shaped power and ground layers and any number of vias and signal traces.