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Analog Devices Unveils AD8139/AD8137 Amplifiers

Analog Devices Inc. (ADI, Wilmington, MA) unveiled its new AD8139 and AD8137 fully differential, high-speed amplifiers, which are designed to deliver low noise, low distortion and wide dynamic range for driving high-speed, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The AD8139 and AD8137 are designed to address the performance required to drive 12-bit to 18-bit ADCs that are critical in high-bandwidth instrumentation, communications, military and industrial applications.

With 1.9 nV/rt-Hz input referred noise, 115 dBc spurious-free dynamic range at 1 MHz, and 370 MHz bandwidth, the AD8139 is well balanced for driving 16-bit and 18-bit ADCs. Rail-to-rail output allows the amplifier's entire dynamic range to be used without headroom constraints. The AD8137 is a low-power, low-cost differential amplifier that provides a rail-to-rail output stage, 110 MHz bandwidth and a 450 V/µs slew rate, while consuming only 1.8 mA of quiescent current. The AD8137 is suitable for battery-operated applications and 10-bit to 14-bit data acquisition systems. The AD8137 offers a wide supply-voltage range, from 3 V to 12 V.

Both the AD8139 and the AD8137 are sampling in both standard eight-lead SOIC and eight-lead LFCSP packaging. Production quantities are available for both devices in the eight-lead SOIC. Both are rated to work from -40 °C to +125 °C. The AD8139 and AD8137 are priced at $3.59 and $1.09 per unit, respectively, in 1,000-piece quantities.

Analog Devices Inc.
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