Analog Devices Announces Dual Step-Down DC-DC Regulator For Point-of-Load Applications

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is expanding its portfolio of integrated power management switching regulators with the ADP2114 dual-output, synchronous, step-down dc-dc regulator. Optimized for precision output voltage regulation, the ADP2114 supports switching frequencies up to 2 MHz with optimized gate slew rate, providing high-efficiency dc-dc conversion for dual- and single-rail devices such as the latest generation of Analog Devices’ ADCs (analog to digital converters) and other submicron ICs such as DSPs (digital signal processors) and FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays).

Designed for noise sensitive point-of-load applications, the ADP2114 achieves high power conversion efficiency up to 95%, which is said to enable designers to reduce time to market and provide higher reliability for medical, consumer, communications infrastructure and industrial system applications.

"ADI’s new configurable, dual-channel buck regulator enables designers to easily create efficient power conversion solutions for high-performance point-of-load applications," said Laurence McGarry, Marketing Manager, Power Management Group, Analog Devices. "The first in a new family of dc-to-dc regulators, the ADP2114 combines the features, performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use into a single device that enables designers to solve many of their most challenging system voltage conversion problems."

Additional features include high light load efficiency, soft start to minimize inrush currents and reverse current limit protection – which prevents the part from being damaged against pre-charged loads. Independent "Enable" input and PGOOD (power good) output features can be used to provide reliable sequencing. The ADP2114 also supports programmable frequencies that can be set to 300 kHz, 600 kHz or 1.2 MHz, as well as a range of fixed- or adjustable output voltages. The ADP2114 can be used in conjunction with ADI’s ADCs such as the AD9268 to create reliable and efficient power supplies for a variety of applications. Multiple ADP2114 devices in the same system can be synchronized out of phase to reduce system noise and input current ripple, further extending its usefulness.

The ADP2114 is priced at $2.50.

Analog Devices Inc.
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