AMETEK Packs 1700W Into Programmable DC Supply

AMETEK Programmable Power introduced the Sorensen XG 1700 Series which it says delivers an industry-leading 1700W of programmable dc output well-suited for test, production, laboratory, OEM and quality assurance applications. Offered in 12 models with fully programmable output voltage ranges from 6 to 600V, the XG 1700 delivers a tightly regulated, low noise, low ripple output in both constant voltage and constant current modes. The XG 1700 also provides two low-power auxiliary dc output channels suitable for driving control relays or powering other system accessories.

The Sorensen XG 1700 1U package is designed for compact rack mounting of multiple units.Up to 30 units can be configured into a one-master, multi-slave multichannel power subsystem using simple RJ-45 terminated interconnections. The unit also features a "Green" sleep mode, automatically powering down when idle.

In addition to precise, digital encoder front panel control and simultaneous voltage and current displays, the XG 1700 includes standard RS232/RS485 and USB remote control interfaces. It also offers optional GPIB and LXI Class C Ethernet control inputs. Commonly used SCPI compliant device drivers are available to support system applications. Analog control and read-back full scale signals can be user defined, from 0 to 2V to 0 to 10V in a continuously variable manner, facilitating easy substitution of the XG 1700 into existing test or process control systems.

The XG 1700 supports autonomous program sequencing with the capability to store, recall and execute pre-programmed test routines including the operation of the auxiliary outputs, minimizing command latency and system controller overhead and thereby maximizing system throughput.

According to William Ruff, Director of AMETEK Programmable Power Product Marketing, "The XG 1700’s combination of high power density, flexible standard and available control interfaces, autonomous program sequencing, remotely controllable auxiliary outputs and multi-slave control, makes it the perfect system power supply choice."

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