Alpha & Omega Semi Enables Green Power Supplies with Optimized Medium Voltage Power MOSFETs

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, Inc. (AOS) announced extensions to their high performance SDMOS ™ family with new 80 and 100V MOSFETs. The AOT410 and AOT480 are suitable choices for high current synchronous rectifiers in server, ATX, UPS and other ac-dc power supplies.

The new devices are fabricated on AOS’ proprietary SDMOS™ trench technology. The low on-resistance and Soft Diode characteristics of the MOSFETs are said to be tuned to deliver the optimal combination of high efficiency and low noise operation.

"By considering all the major power loss mechanisms we were able to balance the characteristics of the AOT410 and AOT480 to deliver exceptional performance in power conversion applications. The products offer the advantage of a low Qrr, soft recovery body diode to improve dead-time operation and reduce noise in hard switched topologies," said David Grey, Marketing Director for AOS’ MOSFET products.

The technical features of the power supplies include: low RDS(ON) – AOT410 (100V, 6.5m ) and AOT480 (80V, 4.5m ); low Ciss, <6.7nF and low Rg <1 – well suited for typical gate drive circuitry, especially when devices are used in parallel; low thermal resistance with high peak current and energy capability; robust operation in short circuit and over voltage adverse operating conditions; fully UIS characterized and 100% avalanche tested at 80A; low Qrr and Irm body diode fully characterized up to 800A/us; and halogen-free package "Green" products.

Both devices are housed in the TO220 package and are available immediately in production quantities. The unit price of 1,000 pieces is as follows: AOT480L at US$1.72, AOT410L at US$1.76.

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor
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