All-in-One Flyback Power IC with Capacitive Isolation for 25W to 65W AC-DCs

Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) today announced the release of the MPX2001, an all-in-one flyback power IC with robust capacitive digital isolation, secondary-side control, and synchronous rectification.

The MPX2001 combines four flyback ICs into one power IC with UL-qualified 4.5kVrms capacitive isolation and 8.4mm primary-to-secondary PCB clearance. Advanced continuous conduction mode (CCM) secondary-side control improves dynamic performance over traditional solutions and provides quick short circuit and over voltage protection.

Multi-chip integration eliminates multiple passive components, resulting in PCB board space saving and a BOM reduction up to 50%. The MPX2001 achieves as low as 15mW standby power loss while allowing design optimization with customer-preferred primary and secondary MOSFETs.

PWM/PFM control provides excellent EMI across the entire load range, free of audible noise that often exists with alternative control schemes. The MPX2001 benefits from seventh generation industry-leading SR driver designs optimized for safe, efficient CCM SR operation that minimizes body diode conduction of the SR MOSFET while eliminating any cross-conduction concerns.

Capacitive isolation replaces traditional optocouplers to ensure reliable, long-term operation.

“The MPX2001 is ideal for very tight USB PD and QC-compatible adaptor designs,” says Maurice Sciammas, Sr. VP Marketing & Sales at MPS, “As it helps designers achieve higher power density, meets most stringent energy efficiency requirements, and easily copes with demanding dynamic USB PD load changes.”

The MPX2001 is UL1577 and UL/IEC/EN62368 safety-certified, is available in an MSL1-rated SOIC20WB package and is priced at $1.29/10K.

Monolithic Power Systems Inc.
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