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AI and Digitally-Controlled Ultra-Wideband GaN RF Amplifier for Mobile Base Stations

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation reported the development what they claim to be the world’s first ultra-wideband digitally controlled gallium nitride (GaN) amplifier prototype. The device is compatible with a range of sub-6GHz bands focused on fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication systems.

With a power efficiency rating of above 40%, the company expects the amplifier to add to the sector of large-capacity communication and reduce the power consumption of mobile base stations.

According to Mitsubishi, the device employs a novel load modulation scheme that achieves wideband operation. Mitsubishi Electric’s unique ultra-wideband digitally controlled GaN amplifier features an advanced load modulation circuit with two parallel GaN transistors. The circuit expands the bandwidth of load modulation, a critical development that helped the amplifier efficiency of operation, for wideband (1.4-4.8GHz).

Mitsubishi Electric utilized digital control with the help its proprietary AI called Maisart to make further improvements in the device’s efficiency and reduce power consumption of mobile base stations. Maisart incorporates Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, including its compact AI, extra efficient smart-learning algorithm, and its automated design deep-learning algorithm. The abbreviation comes from the phrase “Mitsubishi Electric’s AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology.”

The input signals for the amplifier resulted in high-efficiency load modulation of above 40% over 110% of the fractional bandwidth. The device produced an output power level equivalent to 6.5dB peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) modulated signal.

So far, Mitsubishi Electric has two patents based on the device’s technology in Japan, and two outside Japan. So far, the company has not made a product out of the technology used to make the prototype.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
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