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AER Announces 6VO8 Prototype Battery Available

AER Energy Resources Inc. (Atlanta) announced that it is accepting orders for samples of its model 6VO8 prototype battery from companies interested in testing its non-rechargeable zinc-air battery technology. The 6VO8 incorporates six primary zinc-air cells and AER's patented Diffusion Air Manager into a 6-volt battery assembly. According to AER, the 6VO8 battery demonstrates up to six times the operating time of alkaline batteries and up to five times the operating time of rechargeable batteries. The 6V prototype battery has a volume of 0.20 liters, about equal to three D-size alkaline cells. The prototype weighs 226g and has a capacity of 46Wh. AER considers its zinc-air battery technology to be suitable for use in a variety of handheld consumer electronic products such as camcorders, handheld computers, cellular telephones, digital cameras, cordless telephones, audio devices and lighting products. According to the company, a battery like the 6VO8 model could operate a camcorder for up to 15 hours in record mode."The 6VO8 battery has only been available on a limited basis in the past," stated President and CEO David W. Dorheim. "The ability to produce small volumes of this prototype battery will allow us to expand our strategic effort to license our technology and secure development contracts.

AER Energy Resources Inc.
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