AEC-Q200 SMD Gate Drive Transformers for Battery Management

TT Electronics introduced its HA42A and HA86A Series of gate drive transformers for the automotive and industrial markets. These miniature surface mount design (SMD) solutions are suitable for high-efficiency battery management system applications where reliability and size are crucial.

HA42A (above left) and HA86A (above right) gate drive transformers are utilized in space-constrained applications to deliver controlling pulses while isolating the MOSFET and the controlling drive circuit.

Mechanically robust with lower leakage inductance, they provide significantly reduced turn-on and turn-off delay time which results in better performance. The HA86A design boasts higher current capability and lower temperature rise performance, making them a superior option for Freescale HV/EV battery management systems, according to the company.

Made of a toroid core ferrite material, the HA42A and HA86A gate drive transformers boast roll-off inductance that maintains high efficiency without affecting its temperature.

With AEC-Q200 certification and RoHS compliance, they meet the performance and reliability requirements for today’s automotive applications.

“High performance and reliability are key characteristics of a wide range of current and yet-to-be-developed applications. Nowhere is this more apparent than in automotive and industrial,” said Raj Kumar Singaraju, Global Product Line Director, Magnetics, TT Electronics. “With our long history in delivering solutions that meet and exceed ever-changing, complex requirements, TT is bringing its new HA42A and HA86A Series gate drive transformers to market―an exceptional range of solutions for high-voltage and high-frequency applications where fast and accurate signal timing is crucial.”

Features of Both HA42A and HA86A
  • Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +125°C
  • Ambient Temperature: Max. +85°C
  • Temperature Rise: 40°C
  • AECQ-200 Certified
  • RoHS Compliant
Features of HA42A only (depending on variant)
  • Max. Leakage inductance of 0.16μH to 0.85μH
  • Max. Capacitance of 180mΩ to 350mΩ
Features of HA86A only (depending on variant)
  • Leakage Inductance: max. 0.08μH to 0.10μH
  • DC Resistance: max. 0.100Ω to 0.350Ω, typical 0.033Ω to 0.172Ω
  • Design for Freescale HV/EV Battery Management System
TT electronics plc
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