AEC-Q200 Power Inductors handle High Heat and Vibration

Panasonic has announced the NEW ETQ-P3MxxxHFx series of power choke coils. This new series is designed for automotive applications offering high heat resistance and high reliability using metal composite core.

These new parts are AEC-Q200 Compliant for automotive applications as well as other strenuous environments which ensures optimal quality and reliability.

Applications are expected to include noise filters for drive circuits requiring high-temperature operation and peak power handling capability, dc-dc converters, buck converters, boost converters, and various automotive LED driver applications.

Specifications include:

  • Reduce core loss at frequencies over 2MHz
  • Operation Up To 150 degrees C, including self-heating
  • 3mm maximum height
  • 30G vibration resistance
  • Temperature stability
  • Low audible noise (buzz)
  • Shielded construction

Features of these power inductors include:

  • Excellent inductance stability over broad temperature range
  • High vibration resistance in strenuous environments
  • Metal composite core technology
  • Handle switching frequencies over 2MHz
  • Fit into height-restricted applications
  • AEC-Q200 compliance
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
Panasonic Corp.
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