AEC-Q100 1.5A Step-down DC-DC with Integrated Coil

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has launched the XDL601/XDL602 series of HiSAT-COT control and 1.5A coil-integrated step-down “micro dc-dc” converters for automotive applications.

The AEC-Q100-compliant XDL601/XDL602 series consists of ultra-compact step-down dc-dc converters with integrated coils and control ICs. Just adding two ceramic capacitors to the external components enables designers to create a power supply circuit with a maximum of 1.5A with a 50% or higher reduction in space compared to devices using stand-alone dc-dc converters. The company points out that the built-in coil can simplify board layouts to minimize malfunctions, noise, and other issues resulting from wire routing or component placement.

While the series does have standard voltage settings, the input voltage can vary from 2.5V to 5.5V and the output voltage from 0.8V to 3.6V with a switching frequency of 3.0MHz, and circuit system employs synchronous rectification. The XLD601 and the XLD602 series offer 93% efficiency (Vin=5.0V and Vout=3.3V/500mA), and both are controlled via thermal shut down, a current limit circuit (Drop), and short circuit protection (Latch). Also, both series enable functions including soft-start with the circuit for soft-start built in, as well as UVLO and CL Discharge.

The operating mode uses the company’s proprietary highs speed transient response technology called “HiSAT-COT control,” which according to the company offers outstanding transient response characteristics and allows selection of either “PWM control” or “PWM/PFM automatic switching control” depending on the application.

“PWM control” can suppress output ripple voltage to a low level, while “PWM/PFM automatic switching control” can attain high efficiency over any load ranges from light to heavy loading. The XDL601/XDL602 series complies with AEC-Q100 Grade 2, at an operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. The device features DFN3625-11A package with a wettable flank structure and measures 3.6 x 2.5 x h1.6mm. The design forms fillets at the sides of the terminal, allowing automatic visual inspections of solder joints.

Torex Semiconductor
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