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Boost Engagement with Your Company’s Blogs with PowerBlogs

A growing number of companies in the global power electronics industry spend substantial time and energy on blogs and other customer-facing content such as featured products, “product of the week,” and so on, to support content marketing and brand awareness programs. That substantial investment of resources often doesn’t get the effective promotion and exposure needed to result in a meaningful return on investment.

PowerBlogs on PowerPulse provides a solution to this daunting problem.

Our PowerBlog packages substantially increase the broad-based industry engagement with your company’s customer-facing content, and transform a problem into a meaningful return on investment.

PowerBlogs promotional packages include:

  • Your content will appear in the regular news feed on the website and feel like native content
  • Your content will be included for a week in our PowerPulseDaily e-newsletter sent to over 50,000 daily subscribers
  • Your content will be promoted to another 20,000+ followers on our three social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

PowerBlogs delivers well-targeted and qualified power engineering readers to your blog postings and other customer-facing content.

Contact our sales team and learn how PowerBlogs can help you.

How do PowerBlogs work?

We use special tags for your PowerBlog to ensure you receive the full SEO value of your content creation investment. We use a “NoIndex” tag on the page to block search indexing, and include a “Cononical” tag in the link of attribution back to the original post. A “Cononical” tag is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page, and indicates that the page on which this tag appears should be treated as a duplicate.

Contact our sales team today for additional details on how you can launch a PowerBlogs program that delivers your message to many well-targeted and qualified power electronics design engineers.

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