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PowerPulse is a global B2B power electronics publication which has been connecting power system engineers with the latest solutions and advertisers with power system engineers for over 20 years. We can help you raise brand awareness, drive more traffic, educate the marketplace, produce a bigger list of named sales prospects, acquire new customers via direct sales and achieve measurable results. Our Power focus and 50,000+ daily subscribers enables you to connect with the power electronics influencers and decision makers you want to reach without sacrificing scale.

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Without marketing there are no sales. No sales means no revenues and no profit.

It is wise to be frugal with marketing, and to focus where there’s the greatest return on investment. And if you continue to market while competitors are trimming their marketing costs, you sustain momentum and grow faster in the long run. Find new customers on PowerPulse.

PowerPulse reaches the readers who matter. In a recent survey, 73% indicated that they “Manage or Influence” purchases of power management and power conversion products, and 76% indicated that they had taken action after seeing an ad on PowerPulse and “visited an advertiser web site.” When asked about their “primary job function,” 67% of PowerPulse readers responded that they are involved in some phase of engineering activities, 22% are in various executive management positions, and 11% cited “other involvement” with power electronics.

PowerPulse readers are dedicated. Not only does PowerPulseDaily have over 50,000 requested daily email subscriptions, almost 20% of PowerPulse readers visit the web site on a daily basis and an astounding 70% visit weekly or more often.

“PowerPulse readers are looking for new product and technology solutions for the design challenges they face in their daily professional activities. And our Daily coverage gives PowerPulse readers the fastest-access possible to the latest developments in power electronics,” stated Jeff Shepard, Editor.

We offer a number of opportunities for our advertising partners to maximize their exposure. Find out how your company can benefit from our advertising program.

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Corporate Contact
Traci Shepard
Associate Publisher / Managing Editor
[email protected]

Japanese Contact
Katsuya Watanabe
Regional Sales Director, Japan
[email protected]


PowerPulse.Net is the Hub of the Power Electronics Industry on the World Wide Web.
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PowerPulse Daily

PowerPulseDaily is the only controlled circulation daily e-mail news update service
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only every business day highlighting the latest new products and industry news,
PowerPulseDaily provides an immediacy and directness not available through any
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PowerPulse Weekly

PowerPulse Weekly provides a synopsis of the week’s most interesting
developments including the ’10 Most Read’ stories list, the latest Friday Feature,
Material Developments and Power Spotlight features, and more.

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