Advanced Power Technology Expands the POWER MOS VI Line

Advanced Power Technology (Bend, OR) has expanded its new family of low-capacity, low gate charge MOSFETs designated POWER MOS VI. Utilizing the company's patented metal-on-polysilicon gate structure, the internal chip-gate resistances are lower in magnitude than comparable industry-standard polysilicon gate devices. This, combined with lower capacitances and gate charge, makes these MOS VI devices extremely fast switching. The low gate charge minimizes the stress on the gate-drive circuitry, thus improving the circuit cost, reliability and efficiency. A comparison of a 500V, 200-milliohms POWER MOS VI device to the closest competitor shows a 20-percent reduction in the total gate charge, a 33-percent reduction in total switching time and a 20-percent reduction in switching energy.

Features and benefits include a 500V breakdown, 50 to 200 milliohms of on-resistance, 26A to 77A of drain current, low capacitances for fast switching and low losses, low internal gate resistance for fast switching and low losses, and low gate charge for ease of gate drive.

Advanced Power Technology Inc.
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