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Advanced Power Technology Announces New Line of 200V Schottky Diodes

Advanced Power Technology (APT, Bend, OR) announced its new product line of 200V Schottky diodes, which are claimed to have lower forward-voltage drop and softer reverse-recovery than existing FREDs. The company also claims that its Schottky diodes can experience 10 to 15 percent lower losses than FREDs with the same voltage ratings. The new diodes can replace FREDs as output rectifiers in 48V telecommunications rectifiers and dc/dc converters, and as free-wheeling and anti-parallel diodes in low-voltage converters.

APT's new 200V, 100A Schottky diodes are currently available in TO-247, TO-264 and SOT-227 packages in single-, dual- and common cathode configurations.

Advanced Power Technology Inc.
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