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Advanced Power and Controls Announces the New APC3006 Redundant AC/DC Power Supply

Advanced Power and Controls LLC (APC, Santa Ana, CA) announced the availability of the APC3006, a new modular design redundant ac/dc power supply in a PS/2 envelope. This new supply is a hot-swappable, dual-redundant 300W ATX supply. As an added bonus, it offers high output current capability on 5V, 12V and 3V, in addition to a 5V standby current rating of 1.5A.

Features of the APC3006 include over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit protection; a hold-up time of 16ms at 115Vac; and an efficiency of 70 percent minimum at full-load conditions. The ideal operating environment for the SLR is between 10 degrees and 40 degrees C, with up to 85 percent relative non-condensing humidity. It weighs only 2.8Kg and has UL and TUV approval for safety.

"Mission-critical systems require a high level of reliability, availability and fault-tolerance. The APC3006 provides all of these," said David Tavares, president of APC. According to the company, redundancy allows the overall power supply to remain available and provide power to the load even if a component in the module happens to fail. "The modular design is intended to allow users to easily replace hot-swap modules while the system is still running. The combination of redundant and hot-swappable modules results in a bullet-proof solution that eliminates downtime due to power supply problems," Tavares said.

The APC3006 is priced at $339 for OEM quantities, with availability from stock to four weeks.

Advanced Power and Controls LLC
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