ADI expands ADIsimPower Design Center with Personal Edition

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has launched ADIsimPE™ (personal edition) simulator for Linear and Mixed Signal applications capable of virtual prototyping for customers with limited resources and fast time-to-market requirements. ADIsimPE is powered by the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS™ simulator and utilizes SIMetrix SPICE for simulation of linear circuits, such as precision references, op amps and linear regulators, and SIMPLIS (SIMulation of Piecewise LInear Systems) for high speed analysis of non-linear circuits such as PLLs and switching power supplies – up to 50 times faster than the leading SPICE based simulators.

The web-based ADIsimPower Design Center offers designers a complete, virtual evaluation ecosystem from customer requirements to solution based on a simple and quick 3-step design process aimed at reducing customer risk and dramatically improving time-to-market: Step1, Select the optimum solution based on efficiency, cost, area and component count. Step 2, Design and optimize using ADIsimPower downloadable tools. Step3, Simulate and verify using ADIsimPE.

The ADIsimPE simulator includes a library of validated Analog Devices IC models and proven application schematics which can be edited to meet user requirements. For power management applications, system designers can use the intuitive web-based ADIsimPower Design Center to select the best solution based on key parameters such as efficiency, cost, board area and component count. Specific ADIsimPower design tools are used to optimize the design and provide an integrated and seamless ADIsimPE launch option allowing designs to be verified by simulation without having to manually edit any schematics or set-up the simulation parameters. The integration allows the user to quickly achieve accurate results without having to read a datasheet or become an expert in circuit simulation.

The ADIsimPE features include: Choice of SPICE or SIMPLIS based simulation engines; SIMPLIS provides high speed simulation of switching power circuits and AC analysis capability; Extensive library of ADI IC models and application schematics; Accurate/verified IC model and circuit behavior; Full schematics capture and editing capabilities with easy waveform viewing and analysis; and Seamless integration capability with ADIsimPower design tools forming complete virtual prototype capability.

Analog Devices Inc.
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