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ADI “Ahead of What’s Possible” at electronica 2016

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), will be back at electronica this year, in Munich, Germany, with a broad range of simplified solutions and innovative technologies across 6 application areas, and a total of 18 live demonstrations covering healthcare, instrumentation, process control, automotive, energy and Internet of Things. Separate from the live Automotive demonstrations, ADI experts will also be available to discuss ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) technology solutions in detail, and how this next generation safety system will underpin next-generation autonomous driving automobiles.

Additionally this year, and new to the ADI stand is the Analog Garage, an in-house emerging business incubator and idea accelerator that helps bring new ideas and disruptive solutions to life. Analog Garage is where key partners can propose, explore and potentially commercialize their intiative or innovation. Internet of Things will be a strength at the show with 8 demonstrations, new product releases, and interactive SMARTopolis demos. At electronica's Embedded Platform and Forum, various ADI speakers will present, most notably, the launch of a new switching evolution to service RF instrumentation and test system needs. A joint presentation with Advantest will take place at the ADI stand.

Solutions for Next-Generation Industrial Automation: This demonstration shows complete industrial system with field instruments, controllers and machine health monitoring devices using wired, wireless and internet communication.

Significantly Increase Power Densities for Wide Band-Gap Power Switching Using Isolated Gate Drivers: Discover how key ADI isolation, process control, sensing and communication technologies directly address the challenges faced by the deployment of WBG (Wide Band-Gap) power switching and increasingly complicated multi-level control topologies.

TMR Position and Current Sensing for Motor Control Applications: Have a look at how ADI's robust sensors are engineered for pwm rejection and immunity to stray magnetic fields so they can stand up to real world interference and improve motor control designs.

Check and Diagnose Energy Meters with mSure Technology: Learn about the benefits of Analog Devices' mSure technology, which reduces operating expenses for energy meter manufacturers and utility companies.

Industrial power management energy harvesting: See how the new ADP5091 energy harvesting dc-dc converter with MPPT (maximum power point tracking) delivers high energy flow, and how its SIDO (single-inductor dual-output) capability can generate a second, well-regulated output voltage.

Industrial power management 36V, 3A step-down regulators for greater efficiency: Get an introduction to the new ADP2443 synchronous 3A step down regulator and learn how it can reduce system cost and board space.

Industrial power management low noise power converter: Experience a demonstration of the new ADP5003, a 3A step-down switching regulator with a low-noise linear regulator for post filtering included on the same chip.

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