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ADC Telecommunications Introduces New Uninterrupted Power GMT Series

ADC Telecommunications (Minnetonka, MN) recently introduced the Uninterrupted Power GMT Series, the latest addition to the ADC PowerWorx power distribution and protection line. According to the company, the device is designed to power and protect network equipment located in central offices and remote locations.

The Uninterrupted Power GMT Series features two input power feeds. If power to one input feed fails, the other serves as its backup, taking over the load of the failed circuit while maintaining its own load. The company claims Schottky-steering diodes ensure uptime until input power is restored, while the heat-dissipation design is claimed to enhance safety. Panels offer high-input power up to 60A per bus, and output up to 15A per fuse position. In addition, green LEDs illuminate when the panel is actively powered by -24Vdc or -48Vdc power.

According to ADC, the device meets industry standards, including CE, UL, Network Equipment Building Standards Level 3, Telcordia (Bellcore), Canadian Standards Association, and the 1999 National Electrical Code. Other features include a two-post grounding standard, removable clear polycarbonate input/output protector covers, and a selection of connector and fuse configurations.

"The Uninterrupted Power GMT Series is designed to power and protect critical network equipment, when absolute reliability is required," said David Schomaker, ADC's senior product manager for PowerWorx. "Schottky-steering diodes enable redundant powering, while our patent-pending heat-dissipation design optimally disperses the diodes' heat. The result is a more reliable, safer uninterrupted power panel."

ADC Telecommunications
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