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Absopulse Presents LPSk-100 Power Supply System

Absopulse Electronics (Carp, Ontario, Canada) announced its new LPSk-100 adjustable power supply system, which was designed for laboratory and industrial applications. The system delivers 1,000W regulated output power from a 120Vac (97Vac to 132Vac) input and has an adjustment range of 0Vdc to 100Vdc at 10A.

The system features high efficiency, low output noise and full protection. It conforms to common international safety approval stipulations, as well as the requirements for EN55022 Class B EMI emissions. The LPSk-100 is comprised of two plug-in modules in a 4U x 19in shelf. Output voltage and current are displayed on the font-panel, on digital or analog meters. Also on the front-panel are the output-voltage adjustment potentiometer, current and voltage limit controls, on/off switch for the ac-input, power-on indicator LED, and banana sockets for the output.

The LPSk-100 is priced at $1,469 at low quantities.

Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
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