Absopulse Electronics Debuts PHF1500 Converter

Absopulse Electronics Ltd. (Carp, ON) developed the PHF1500, a frequency converter that provides three-phase power from a single-phase line outlet. The unit is suitable for verifying operation of a standard low-power unit designed for use in a distant market or for standard frequency and phase conversion.

The standard PHF1500 unit delivers three-phase sine-wave outputs of 115Vrms at 60Hz or 400Hz, or 230Vrms at 50Hz. The phases are floating and isolated from each other and can be connected in virtually any configuration. A microprocessor is used in the control circuit to ensure a precise phase angle. The sinusoidal waveform has less than three percent total harmonic distortion at full load.

Protection includes current limiting, short-circuit protection and thermal shut-down with automatic recovery in case of insufficient airflow. The device can be shut down electronically by a control switch on the front-panel of the unit. A remote shut-down feature is also available.

Housed in a 4U x 19in x 15in case, the power supply weighs 32lbs. The converter is fan-cooled and is rated for operation over 0 to 50 degrees C. An extended temperature range version is also available. The unit is highly filtered on the input and output. It is designed to meet international safety approvals, including IEC950, CSA22-2-950 and UL 1950, and meets the requirements for EN55022 Class B emissions on the input. The PHF1500 is priced at $2,450.

Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
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