Absopulse Announces New DC-DC Converter System With 500W Plug-in Modules

Absopulse Electronics announced its BAP 419, a redundant dc-dc converter system comprised of up to five, 500W dc-dc plug-in modules in a pre-wired 4U x 19" x 15" shelf. It is based on the same design topology as similar systems that have been operating in power utilities, industrial plants, air-traffic control systems, telecom and other critical applications for over twenty years. Cooled by natural air convection, the BAP 419 system has no fans or other moving parts. This, as well as very large design headroom, is said to ensure high reliability and to make the system suitable for maintenance-free operation in remote locations.

The BAP 419 plug-in modules each deliver 24, 48 or 125Vdc and accept an input of 24, 48 or 125Vdc. Every module is hot-insertable and has a built-in redundancy diode which allows for parallel and N+1 redundant operation. Built-in redundancy also allows for a battery to be connected to the output for back-up purposes. Modules with different outputs can be combined in one shelf to create a multiple-output system.

Each 4U x 16HP x 304 mm plug-in module features full electronic protection on the input and output, and output fail alarms which are summarized into a single Form C alarm on the shelf motherboard. An output voltage ’ON’ LED indicator, voltage adjustment potentiometer and test points are located on the front panel of every module.

Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
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