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ABB Electricity Metering Announces New Power Quality and Outage Event Manager

ABB Electricity Metering (Zurich, Switzerland) announces its new Power Quality and Outage Event Manager for ABB's EnergyAxis AMR Server. As part of the ABB EnergyAxis Server, the Power Quality and Outage Event Manager reads power outage, outage restoration and power-quality information from the meter on request, on a scheduled basis or during an alarm call-in. Power-quality events, outage events and other meter events can be communicated over the telephone or on a public communications network. The new Power Quality and Outage Event Manager is part of ABB Electricity Metering's meter-data collection and management system. This system provides the platform for meter-data operations and addresses advanced energy information management demands, including the collection, communications, storage, management and publishing of meter data. "This application module is designed to allow energy providers the option of offering additional information services to key retail customers using power quality, outage and outage-restoration meter information. Our customers have asked us to deliver meter-data management systems that allow them to monitor outage and power-quality events for commercial and industrial," said John Reckleff, executive vice president and general manager of ABB Electricity Metering. "As the energy industry continues to deregulate, customers are not only focusing on energy usage and pricing but also on power quality and reliability."

ABB Electricity Metering claims that the EnergyAxis AMR Server represents a new model for utility business transactions in regulated and deregulated energy markets. The AMR server is scalable and allows functions and business processes to be distributed over systems and geographical areas. Timely energy information is collected, processed, stored and published, as each business process requires.

ABB Electricity Metering
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