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Modular Capacitor Assemblies Target GaN- and SiC-based Converters

TDK Corporation has extended the lineup of proven CeraLink™ capacitors with CeraLink FA types in modular flex-assembly technology. This space-saving design connects two, three or ten identical capacitors in parallel over the same terminals in order to increase the capacitance.

Thanks to their low parasitic effects, CeraLink capacitors are ideally suited for converter topologies on the basis of fast-switching semiconductors such as GaN or SiC. Voltage overshoots when switching are significantly lower than with conventional capacitor technologies. Special requirements in terms of size, current capability and temperature can also be met very easily with CeraLink capacitors.

The new CeraLink FA types are available for rated voltages of 500Vdc, 700Vdc and 900Vdc. Depending on the voltage and number of capacitors, this results in rated capacitance values of between 0.5µF and 10µF.

One particular feature of these capacitors based on PLZT (lead lanthanum zirconate titanate) ceramics is their high permissible operating temperature of 150°C. The FA types have a width of 7.4mm and a height of 9.1mm; while the lengths are 6.3mm, 9.3mm or 30.3mm. Despite their small size, they feature a ripple current capability of up to 47ARMS.

One major advantage of the parallel switching is the extremely low ESR values that are significantly below 10mΩ at high frequencies in the range from 0.1 to 1 MHz. With a minimum of 3nH, the ESL values are also extremely low.

Main applications

  • DC link or snubber capacitors in fast-switching converters

Main features and benefits

  • Rated voltages of between 700Vdc and 900Vdc
  • Capacitance range from 0.5µF to 10µF
  • Low parasitic effects
  • Suitable for converter topologies based on fast-switching semiconductors such as GaN or SiC
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